Minas Frangos
How Creating An Online Business Has Changed My Life And Can Change Yours!

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"Today I will do what most wont, so tomorrow I can live like most wont."   
Minas Frangos
Minas Frangos, Founder
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Why I Started My Own Business!
Reason One
My main reason that I started an Affiliate Marketing business is because we had a baby and we needed the ability / freedom to work from home without having to worry about hiring a nanny or using a daycare facility. Lets face it, your kids are your pride and joy and it makes me nervous to leave them in a strangers hands.  
Reason Two
Lets face it, working for someone else is never the best way.  When you work for yourself you are not only more passionate, but also reap all the rewards for your hard work.  Isn't that better then begging for a raise every year and being told, sorry we don't have money for raises.
Reason Three
I wanted to have the freedom to travel with my family and not have to worry about how many vacation days I had.  When you have a business working for you 24/7 it allows you to step away when you need too.  Additionally, it is an internet business so you can always check up on it anywhere you are.  
About Me
All my life, I’ve been stuck working for someone who quite frankly doesn’t have my best interest at heart. Now let’s face it, you can’t expect your boss to say hey, are you having a crisis at home. Or to ask you, do you need some time or resources to take care of that problem? No, because they have their own issues to deal with. So, I changed my thought process and decided to be my own boss. So, I don’t have to beg to take a day off during busy season to take care of personal events. So, I don’t have to say to my wife, hey I have to work overtime and I can’t help take care of our baby tonight. Look everybody has things they have to take care of. But how would you feel if you had the independence to say, I can go do the doctor today without having to worry about do I have enough paid time off or will I have to take a day off without pay. Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to change, just know it is possible!
Look I know its tough to take a leap into the unknown but I did and now I've started my business. Having a child while working 40-60+ hour work weeks is not sustainable.  

I tried so many programs out there.  I found that most either didn't work for me or lacked the support I needed to succeed.  Maybe you've always wanted to, or you're retired, or a stay-at-home Mom, Whatever your reasoning, try this program because the treat you like family and will guide you through the entire process.  It really is a complete system to success.  Don't be like me and wait for the right moment, or tell yourself maybe next time.  I've been there and done that and the only thing it did for me is make me have to wait longer to achieve my goals.  Try this program and put in the work and you can have success as well.   

Minas Frangos
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